Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book the band?

It's difficult for us to give you an accurate price until we find out a little bit more about your event as things suchas location and size of venue can have an impact on the cost. If you head over to our Contact Us page and fill in an enquiry form, we can get back to you with a free no-obligation quote.

How far will the band travel?

We will travel all over the UK and the rest of the EU. We will also travel to certain countries further afield so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss an abroad booking.

Do the band have their own sound and lighting equipment?

Yes. All line-ups come with full professional PA & Lighting and these costs are included in any quote given by us. We pride ourselves on providing high quality sound - a poor quality PA system will really let the performance down - so we only use the best audio equipment in the business. 

How much space does the band require?

The Band will happily set up on or off stage, indoors or out (providing the weather is good or measures are taken to provide protection). As a guide, the following measurements show our suggested space requirements:

6 Piece Band: 5m x 3m (WxD)
7 Piece Band: 6m x 3m (WxD)
9 Piece Band: 6m x 3.5m (WxD)
10 Piece Band: 6.5m x 3.5m (WxD)
12 Piece Band: 7.5m x 3.5m (WxD)
13 Piece Band: 8m x 4.5m (WxD)
14 Piece Band: 8m x 5m (WxD)

How much time do you need for setting up?

Our standard 'set-by' time (the time by which we will have completed our setup and soundcheck) is 7pm. For our 5-9 piece lineups, we allow 2 hours from point of arrival to the 'set-by' time for setting up and soundchecking so our arrival time would be 5pm. For the larger lineups we would arrive at 4pm to allow 3 hours. During this time, we will need to soundcheck - please see below. If you require the band to be set earlier than 7.30pm, please let us know as there are early setup options available.

Will you need to soundcheck?

In order to put on a great performance with high quality sound, we will need to do a proper soundcheck once we have finished setting up which does mean making noise for a brief period. If we are to be setting up in the same room as where the guests eating dinner before the evening party commences, then there are measures we can take to comprimise. Just make sure you let us know when you enquire so we can discuss it with you further.

How long do you play for?

120 minutes in total. Either as 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets.

How late do you play?

The band as standard will play as late as Midnight. Under certain circumstances the band may finish later (if for example the performance doesn't start until 11pm) but for most bookings we recommend - if you would like to continue the party after midnight - adding a DJ into the package. Our DJ option can keep the party going as late as 2am - all our quotes come with add-on prices for DJs.

Do you take requests?

You are welcome to request any songs from our repertoire list in advance (we'll usually ask for your requests 6 weeks before the date). We normally suggest choosing 10-15 of your must-have favourites and then giving us a veto list. That way we can structure our sets so that they flow well and have a good balance of male / female vocals. You can of course request more than 15 and we'll do our best to accomodate them.
You do get one free request not from our repertoire list as part of the package for first dance or special song request - we ask that you let us know this 6 weeks in advance so we have plenty of time to prepare it.

How many power sockets will you need?

All of our lineups require an absolute minimum of 3 separate 13A feeds to the performance area (i.e. from three separate wall sockets, not from an extension unit). This is to ensure our equipment does not overload the supply. If the supply is from a generator, we will need confirmation from the provider/venue/client that these power requirements are met.

Do you have PLI and PAT certificates?

Yes, all equipment is fully PAT tested and we have Public Liability Insurance up to £10m.

Can we play music through your PA system during your breaks?

Yes! We have generic playlists that we will play by default before the performance and during our breaks (background music or disco style for dancing depending on the atmosphere). You are welcome to provide us with a pre-loaded playlist if you prefer - this will need to be on any portable music player that has a crossfade feature (i.e. any ipod/iphone/ipad etc or laptop with itunes). Alternatively, you can compile a playlist using Spotify and then just email us the URL link and we'll load it onto our system ready to play. If you'd prefer us to take care of compiling your favourite tunes into a playlist, you can add a DJ to the package. All our quotes come with add-on prices for DJs.

Will we be required to provide food and drink for the band?

We will require access to a supply of soft drinks and water free of charge for the duration of our time onsite.
We do ask that a substantial hot meal be provided for all musicians. This can be similar to what the guests are eating or something separate. If you aren't catering and therefore would have to arrange something specially, or are worried that you might not be able to provide a hot meal then please do get in touch as there are alternative solutions available under certain circumstances.

Do we need to provide parking?

Parking will need to be provided for all vehicles. Any charges incurred for parking and/or congestion charge would need to be reimbursed. In addition to this, we will need to park as close to the venue as possible for unloading (even if the vehicles need moving once unloaded).

What do the musicians wear?

We're smart by default - suits and ties as standard. We're open to suggestions though if you've got a particular style that you want...

How do we book?

It's easy! First, if you head over to our Contact Us page and fill in an enquiry form, we can get back to you with a free no-obligation quote. Then, once you've decided to go ahead with the booking, we'll get you logged onto our online diary. Simply fill in the booking form, we'll then email over a contract and it's a simple case of clicking to sign. You'll then have 7 days to pay the first 25% deposit to secure the booking. That's it to secure the booking and lock down the date.
There are two further payments due, a second 40% deposit 4 months prior and the final remaining 35% is due 1 month prior to the date of event - but we will send email reminders so that you know when these payments are due. There's more information about this in our terms of booking document which is supplied with all our quotes.

What about cancellation?

For most bookings, there is a 14 day cooling off period from the date that the contract is signed in which you may freely cancel the booking and any fees paid already will be refunded. After this, the booking cannot be cancelled except by mutual consent in writing and any fees paid are non-refundable.

My mate is a bass player, can he play a song with you?

We do get asked occasionally if a guest can join the band for a song and we are usually able to accomodate it. However, we will need to agree this in advance as this is not something that we allow when approached on the night. We do have fairly strict criteria for allowing this too - i.e. your bass playing mate would need to be a trained musician, - if he bought the bass at the weekend and just fancies having a go, this would unfortunately not fall under our criteria!!